Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I'm living again, awake and alive..."

"I'm living again, awake and alive..."

Staying Happy all day? Well that's what I'm talking about in my new look in lookbook.nu! I am a happy person indeed and hope you all do the same... <3

-Emman.. Stay Happy! xOxO :)


Learning to breathe by my favorite Switchfoot.. From the movie, "A walk to remember"..


Jacket: Ego Jeans
Shirt: Solo
Shorts: Bass
Boat Shoes: Swatch


Anonymous said...

Hey handsome! :D
Keep blogging irog.

- A

Anonymous said...

Nice blog...:D
This look is perfect,i really liked the red clock...

kristofferanything said...

Thanks everyone! :) This is my first time to have a blog, so don't scratch your head if I messed up. xD

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