Monday, December 13, 2010

"Life is beautiful, but it's complicated"

"Life is beautiful, but it's complicated" --- hello there! :) This is my new post on inspired by Vega 4's "Life is beautiful" from the movie Streetdance 3D. I chose this song because it gives emphasis on how beautiful life is. And also, I am very amazed in the Streetdance, because I am a big fan of dancing. <3

How about you? How do you live your life? I hope you are in a right way. :)

BTW, Christmas is nearly coming, and I am very excited on it because I will be going home in our province and be with my family. :)

Have a peaceful and happy Christmas everyone! :)

What's in there:

Jacket: Markus (My friend lend me that)
Fixed Polo: From my friend also
Pants: OJ Pants from Bench
Shoes: Bench (From a friend)
Accessory: Clock Necklace

Check. Like. Hype. :)


KAREN LE said...

Hi! You fanned and commented on my lookbook so I thought I'd somehow return the favour!

Christmas is near!! Whoop whoop! :)

All the best :)

kristofferanything said...

Thanks Karen! :) I hype those deserving people. And you are probably one of them :)

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