Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My 2010 Semester...

Hello there! Are you ready for Christmas? What are the things you want to have this Christmas? How about your New Year's resolution? In my case, I haven't prepared these things yet but will surely come before the year ends. :)

By the way, I just wanna share to you my brother's Semester Experiences that gave him different lessons this year. Enjoy! :)

Looking back on the things, places, people and events that happened in 2010, life indeed is a rollercoaster ride.

Along the way, there were bumpy roads. Scary hillsides and tracks. Spooky caves and shores. Heavy traffic"ed" highways.

The usual and expected routes i've been through in the earlier years. Same sights, same heights.

Though most were the same, a lot of things as well were different. Some were "adverse", but all made sense.

Some came as i've wished for, realizing i shouldn't have. But still "purposeful".

Some did not come as i prayed for, but something better arrived.

This year was my best "semester" in this institution called LIFE.

Lots of lessons taken up, a whole lot of pop quizzes with unprecedented difficulty.

Old professors reading the same books. And there are newly hired ones with surprising syllabi!

I've had countless lessons and blessings this year, But since its 2010, i've listed below my top 20 favorite lessons, and my top 10 favorite blessings. (note: some of the quotes hereunder are not mine, i just borrowed from different sources, so credit goes to them).

Lesson #1. Good old profs are always correct: Good things come to those who wait.

But the new ones kept on shouting: Best things come to those who chase them!

Lesson #2. There are two rules in being successful. Rule #1. Share your knowledge but dont tell them everything you know.

Lesson #3. Success should be on an "ongoing" status.

Lesson #4. Maturity doesn't come with age.

Lesson #5. When you're up, your friends will realize who you really are. When you're down, you'll realize who your real friends are.

Lesson #6. If something is not part of the solution, then it shouldn't be part of the problem.

Lesson #7. When being pulled down by people, don't be mad, it means they are below you. Just try to help them go up.

Lesson #8. Of all the problems, money issues are the most manageable. So please don't ever fight or argue about money. Nobody wins.

Lesson #9. Prayers are ALWAYS answered. You just have to open your mind and heart to understand them.

Lesson #10. When you are doing your lawn, don't look at your neighbors'. And if you are going to look, admire, don't compare.

Lesson #12. If everything is going right, you're on the wrong track. If things dont come as you planned, there's a better plan.

Lesson #13. Know when to be patient and when not to waste time.

Lesson #14. Admit if you're wrong. Apologize if you must.

Lesson #15. If somebody hates you, smile. It'll make them hate you more. Then they will later realize its pointless to hate you.

Lesson #16. If you hate somebody, stop hating him. Your days will be brighter.

Lesson #17. Stop complaining how difficult or shitty your job or how low your salary is. Millions of people can't even buy a bread.

Lesson #18. Say how much you love you family everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Lesson #19. Share not because you have excess. Do it because you know how it feels to have nothing.

Lesson #20. Don't hate or mock people immediately for mistakes that might only be due to oversight. I did not have Lesson #11 above because its a special number for me.

Lesson #11. Getting married used to be just a word to me, so as my dreams and aspirations. People can achieve what they want if they work hard and sincerely for it.

and for my top 10 favorite blessings!

Blessing #1. My table, reclining chair, printers, health card, paychecks. My boss. My Job.

Blessing #2. My 400-rial bedroom set from haraj. The water heater. The aircon.

Blessing #3. My friends, old and new. My college friends. My service, MA. My lunch buddy, RK. My mentor, GB. AKG kabayans. The Mandoop. The friendly professionals on our wedding.

Blessing #4. The Jawal Promo. The Internet. Free wifi. Isohunt. Liveleak. 2leep. Chikka. YM. Skype. FACEBOOK!

Blessing #5. The forgiving people. The forgiven people.

Blessing #6. Dampa. Enjaz. Rajhi.

Blessing #7. The Riyadh Traffic Cameras.

Blessing #8. The Sualog's. The Colonia's. The relatives.

Blessing #9. My loving, kind and beautiful Wife. <3>

Blessing #10. The maturity level I have attained. (as per self assessment :p)

I will be making new years resolution before 2010 ends.

But this time around, i won't focus on things i dont have, but more on enriching these blessings through recognition of what i have.

Its been always good to look back to memories, be it throbbing or blissful. At the end of the day, seeds are bittter, but the fruits are sweet.



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