Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is where I belong: My home

(Me, My mother, My father, My pamangkin Lawrence, My eldest brother, My brother before me, My second to the eldest sister and My eldest sister. Respectively)

Hey there! Today, you'll see where I belong, my family, friends and the environment I am placed in.

My real and full name is Emman Kristoffer Dumalaog Sualog, and was born on the 15th day of August year 1993. I have a very beautiful mother, Carmelita Dumalaog Sualog, and a very handsome dad, Reynaldo Baselonia Sualog, they're both cool! I am talking about the way they support us, their 5 children, they never failed us. They always give us strength when we are in failure or pain. They are our shields and armors that protect us from problems. They are our mouth if we are afraid to speak out what we want to say. They are our angels. They are our guide and way. They are everything on us. :) We love them so muuuccchh..

(My Father, Brother and my Mother during my Brother's Wedding)

I have 2 handsome brothers and 2 beautiful sisters; the eldest, Christian Rey D. Sualog who is a Financial Analyst in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is now happily married with his beautiful wife Mariko Colonia-Sualog. I can probably say that they're perfect to be with each other. I can see that. :) He finished college taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in Occidental Mindoro National College (now Occidental Mindoro State College). Though he is not graduated in a popular and prestigious school in the Philippines, he then became a Certified Public Accountant. My brother is a kenkoy one and loves bullying others (in a way that he will make us all burst into laughter). He loves to strike jokes and I adore his sense of humor. But indeed, he is a man with principles in life that he will forever stand with. He loves his family and friends, he is a kind-hearted person and a lovable man. He always serves as our inspiration in achieving our goals in life. Many said that I will be next after his achievements in life. I do hope so. :)

The second to the eldest is my very beautiful sister Charisse D. Sualog, she is very intelligent and very much clever and I adore how she stands on her principles in life. She is an honor student during her elementary years and a valedictorian when she finished High School. She finished Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting in our province (she was in UP Los Banos before). She loves to sing and she is also fashionable. She loves to make kulitan with us. She has a very cute and adorable baby boy Sigfreid Lawrence Sualog, 4 years old, who is our angel in the clan. Kuku (we call him that name next to my sister's nick, Kukay) is always our apple of the eye, he's sooooo cuutee, chubby and "makulit".

Next to her is my very simple but loud sister Reena Carmela D. Sualog, named after my mother (Carmelita - Carmela) and my father (Reynaldo - Reena), I don't know if I'm right LOL. She is a Univesity of the Philippines graduate which she took up Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology (UP - the premiere state university in the Philippines. Number 1 school in our country) and I adore her very much because she made it to get into that everyone's-dream school (I did not pass the UPCAT. Sad T_T). In our house, she is a silent typical girl, but we are wrong! Our ate Kukay, with her friends, is a very loud, slight-clumsy girl who loves anime and any other stuffs that a child likes too. We never knew that before until she graduated in UP. Now, she is working in our province as a Facilitator (am I right? LOL) in PLAN International.

Next to her is my gwaping brother Reynaldo D. Sualog Jr., he is a campus heartthrob (hard to say this. haha) during his elementary and high school days. He has the most beautiful nose in our family (swear. haha.). He loves to play computer games and he loves things about Electronics and other form of technologies. He is now studying at the Divine Word College of San Jose taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. When we are still young and small, we used to play everyday, our favorite one is doing the wrestling mania in our bedroom (as usual, I'm always the loser), as he twist my feet and let the pain flow in me, we will burst into laughter. That's how we play (now we are both in college, we can not do that anymore.)

And last but not the least, me, Emman Kristoffer D. Sualog, my mother said I was named after some saints Emmanuel (Emman) and after Jesus Christ Kristo (Kristoffer). The fer I think is derived from the word fire. I am studying at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (one of the top performing schools in the Philippines and I think the cheapest among them all, 12php/unit) taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource and Development Management as a freshman. I'm a 17-year old guy who loves shopping but no money, I always do window shopping and envy others. I love clothes, shoes and more! In short, I love fashion. I don't know how I come up with that passion. haha. I just love to dress up, It's how the way I represent myself to public. Others think that I am a boastful person because of my swagger, but they're wrong. I am a very friendly and kind-hearted person indeed, I love to socialize and make friends. I love my family so much, that's why I am helping myself to grow up and explore the world so that they will be happy on how I develop myself on my own, of course by the help of them. I have a lot of friends, but I think 20% of them are SH*TS! Some are foes. But that's okay, because they give me lot of reason to live, they give me enough reasons to stand up and say, "Hey! Thanks! You help me show how to fight and live my life the way it should be."

The greatest dream I have is to get into the Ateneo de Manila University and Harvard School of Business and after that, to be a successful businessman someday (As rich as Richie Rich).

More thing about me is, I love singing and dancing. And they are kindred with my passions, Fashion, Art and Music. :)

There you go! :) I think I have shown you 10% of happenings in my life. haha. :)

I hope that you guys will be inspired and open a blog and shout out all your feelings and other things you wanna say. ;) Thank you! :)

(Me at the Kamayan Restaurant together with my brother, his wife and his friends)


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