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D5100 Extra Ordinary Angles Contest!

Hey guys, I entered this Nikon competition and the prize is a DSLR. I know it's impossible to reach others' 3000+ likes but I really want to win in this contest... I want to have Nikon too. -___-

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Topman must-haves! (If I were a rich boy)

Oh Topman, why so awesome? geeezz. If I were a rich boy, these stuffs would probably be on my closet. This day, I spent half of my life craving for these Topman's ultramegasuperintergalactic must-haves! But these will all remain as dreams, maybe I will have these all but I have to wait for a lot of years to come. I just hope that Topman will still have these stuffs when that time comes. baaahh!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Tadhana": My first videography/video montage

Uploaded via and Enjoy! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

RH don't kill. Don't kill the bill.

Here's a superb video I found on Youtube:
"We love you.. We love our church, pero mahal din namin ang aming mga pamilya"

Simple. Enough said.
And one more thing, hindi lang mga katoliko ang nakatira sa Pilipinas. 

Here's another article I've made before. Click Here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My top 5 favorite bands

I am an avid fan of music and I can probably say that it is my remedy in some mental "catastrophe" I encounter. Music soothes my mind and soul as well. Most of the songs I choose are from bands that are really deserving to be on my hotlist in my phone. I am into music that will enable me to "rape the replay button" when I hear it.

In the limelight, let me share you my Top 5 favorite bands of all time (International and Local):

1. Make.Your.Momma.Proud (MYMP)

Aside from having a big crush on Juris Fernandez, MYMP makes me feel so serene. Their music makes my soul cleanse. MYMP's musics are mostly remake and acoustic but very well done.

2. Vertical Horizon

This damn cool band always makes my day a superb! From listening to Best I ever had down to Everything you want; I can relate to these songs. The vocalist's voice is just so unsophisticated, very natural.

3. Switchfoot

Let me sing first my favorite song from Switchfoot... I'm learning to breathe.. I'm learning to crawl... I'm finding that you, and you alone can break my fall!! la la la la! Alright, sorry. :) Seriously, I am obsessed with this band though I don't have any of their album because of lack of budget from the authority ;). Switchfoot's songs are extremely influential when calming one's mood. So bad I wasn't able to watch their concert here in the Philippines. They also have a Filipino member! Pride!

4. Maroon 5

She wiiiiilll be loved!! She wiiilll be lo ha ha ha hove!! Seriously though, who would hate this band?! Professional members, great music. Need I say more? Hear them sing and let them rock yo!!!

5. Southborder

Kahiiiitt kailan, di kita ha ha ha iiwan! Kahit kailan, kahit kailahahan ha ha ha han... (FAIL me. TROLOLOL) This Filipino band really moved me a lot. Many times in many instances. Enough said. Ang sarap pakinggan ng mga music nila lalo if Duncan is on the floor. Superb!

Among these, here are other bands that I also love to have on my phone:

The Fray




Owl City (is this a band or a solo performer? i'm naive.-_-)

The Script



The Corrs

Linkin Park!!

Of course from the oldies...

Earth Wind and Fire

Bee Gees


Air Supply!!!

(All images are from Credit goes to the owners.)
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am Pro-RH Bill because...

All opinions expressed here are MY OWN. Your opinions, comments and even suggestions are all welcome here. You may post it at the bottom (comment box) of the page. Thank you!

P.S.: Anyone who'll attempt to initiate debate is very much appreciated. Let's have a smashing debate. ;)


We probably know what RH bill is right now because of lots of debates and "wars" between the goverment and the CBCP. Well honestly, months ago I was not yet well informed about this "hot issue", and I always see "RH bill leads to abortion" lines and that CBCP don't like it so much. And also, since I am a student of a state university, I was thinking that the budget that will be given to this bill isn't deserving and lots of state Universities and Colleges need it the most (It is the time when government slashed budget from SUCs). So I thought that this would be a horrible bill.

After a month or so, after watching lots of debates of politicians and other sectors and after reading the full context of the bill itself, I was enlightened about the "real" purpose of this bill. And so, my mind switched, now being a PRO-RH Bill. I know that I am not that eligible to say these stuffs for I am not a woman, but I'll write this as one of the citizens of the Philippines who'll have more significant effects after this bill.

And after all, I know and I believe that I won't be less catholic if I support this one. Pro-CHANCE it is (Risa Hontivero's TV Ad).

These are the usual lines I always hear from the Anti's:

1. RH Bill is a gateway to legal abortion.

I say... Honestly, who would want to legalize abortion?! Of course none of us wants it. According to Section 3, article j:

"While this Act recognizes that abortion is illegal and punishable by law, the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner;"


2. Children are our future. If RH Bill is implemented, our future will be seriously affected.

I say... Of course I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way (ooopss!). Well, seriously Youth are the future, but one thing about this bill is, this isn't about snagging to have children in every married couple. Still, couples would want to have their own children. This isn't about a hindrance to a woman to have her own child. It is still a Woman's choice and her partner's as well.

And as far as I know, some married couples choose not to have children. That's why we have this Childfree term:

(from wikipedia) Childfree (sometimes spelled child-free) is a term used to describe individuals who neither have children nor desire to have children. An alternative term is childless by choice.

See? We just have to respect every choice.

As section 3, article a. states:

"This Act declares the following as guiding principles:

Freedom of choice, which is central to the exercise of right must be fully guaranteed by the State;"

3. That more than 90 million Filipinos is the excuse of our government in passing this bill.

I say... Maybe it is one of the reasons. I believe that there are little correlations between the population and poverty rate. I am not saying that Philippines is over-populated, well in fact the distribution of the people in every region is the problem (inevitable). Maybe the point here is, for example, in a very poor family (10 children living with a "full time housewife" mother and a father as carpenter getting 300/day salary), seriously, how can you make your Php300.00 salary enough for your family in a day? Will you be able to enter your children in a school to study? how about their fare? their books? their other school supplies? This maybe the problem in a family which has less information (we have to accept the truth) about responsible parenthood.

And other lots of questions and opinions, that we also have to respect.

In the light of my article, I say... We are in a 3rd world country and we are in the 21st century already. We have to accept the fact that we cannot preach every people to lessen their libido or whatever the term is. Most people would still want to have sex with their partner and we cannot avoid this because we are in a democratic country (It would be a bad idea to have an act prohibiting couple to have sex. really.) Think outside the box . You can't say RH Bill is against children and women, THIS IS JUST ABOUT GIVING INFORMATION and GUIDANCE to those who deserve it. THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT CONTRACEPTIVES. Of course, the government should make sure that these contraceptives will be safe to use. Again, according to RH Bill, "IT IS STILL A CHOICE OF EVERY WOMAN". Not compulsory. Not mandatory. "Enough said". We should support and respect every couples' choice on family planning and a choice to have their desired number of children so they can live the way they want. Remember, some sources are limited.

RH bill is PRO-Chance most especially for the future years to come.

Regarding the church, I found this article written by Degenerate Kid, a freelance blogger (see

The Church

The church and their bishops did not like the RH Bill fan page on Facebook. They say that it is against their beliefs. They say that sex is about procreation. They say sex should only be between husband and wife. They say sex is sacred.

They’re right. Sex is about reproduction. Does it mean that a husband and a wife cannot practice? I don’t know about you, but if I get married and decide to have a child with myfuture wife Dianna Agron, I want to practice first. If I want to make a baby, I want to at least practice first. Da Vinci did not paint the Mona Lisa without practicing first.

Is sex really sacred? If you’re married, please hit the comments because I really want to know if you feel a holy presence while having sex with your spouse. Do you think about Jesus while reaching orgasm? Because that would be sick.

The church is acting ignorant with their latest statements. Statements like sperm cells are unborn babies. Statements like teachers who are pro-RH Bill don’t have the right to teach. Statements like people who use condoms have marital problems (which is ignorant because it’s like saying all priests are child molesters).

Sounds sharp but if you get his point, then you'll understand it. I am not a very clever person, but the things I expressed above are all based on my own perspective about this bill and its effects on our society.

But in some point, I just wish that the budget to be allotted in this bill would be in its most appropriate place.

Sabi nga sa isang video from Youtube na napanood ko:

"We love you.. We love our church, pero mahal 
din namin ang aming mga pamilya"

At hindi lang mga katoliko ang nakatira sa Pilipinas. May Iglesia ni Kristo, Muslim at marami pa.

Mahirap magsayang ng oras at pera. Panahon na! RH na!

My attempt to rap like Busta Rhyme. FAIL.

Sorry for being mischievous. -__-

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reasons why I dumped my friendster account and started facebook-ing

Joining social networking sites is one of the reasons why we are having more of the good relationships and connection to people we know. Here we can make new friends and maybe (and inevitable) we also encounter enemies. One of these sites I had was Friendster.

I became a member of Friendster since I was first year high school and I can say that it enlightened my perspective on networking sites. I enjoyed lots of features on friendster from the profile layout down to who viewed your profile section. It was also a great experience receiving testimonials from your friends. But as time pass by, I noticed that friendster's features are still incomplete for me and maybe my cognition has risen up in a point that I need a more "matured" (did I hit the right term?) site to fulfill my "teenager" perspective, so I decided to seek for new networking site that would suit my needs (really).

Here are the features I enjoy the most on Friendster:

  1. Profile Themes
  2. Who viewed your profile section (but now, It's dangerous. lol.)
  3. Background music while viewing one's profile.
  4. And that's all!
Boring for a 17-year old guy like me. Baaaah.

Year 2009 when my brother first introduced me to Facebook by recommending me to play mafia wars. So I made my account on FB and started to play it and widen my inquiry about the content and features of facebook and I found out that it was the best and the most exciting social networking site I've ever seen. It has comprehensive content that will really make you leave friendster (Sarcasm it is. lol.).

Things I found on Facebook that friendster don't have:

  1. Lots of exciting games!! Farmville, Friends for sale, Cafe World...
  2. Chat box
  3. Less posers.
  4. Not boring.
  5. Instant notifications
  6. News feed. I can easily see my friends' statuses.
  7. Relationship status. Woah!
  8. Ability to upload videos
  9. Fan Pages
  10. The "Like" button
  11. The instant comment box
  12. Ability to tag people on your status, videos and pictures
  13. More Convenient to use
  14. And a lot more that I can barely, rarely, hardly find on friendster (Am I that sarcastic?)
But I really hate spams ruining your wall and chatbox. (-_-)

But then again, I am glad that I have been part of friendster since it will be reformatted in the next few months or so. I wonder if your moderator has facebook account. You're a history and legend my friend Friendster! Thank you and so long! *wave*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The man who can't be moved

It's been so long since I last posted on and I can probably say that I really miss it a lot. has been a big inspiration to me and it gave me reasons to be more interested in fashion.

I can't say that I dress up so well, but all I know is I'm showing what am I from what I'm wearing. Next post, I'll list down people and other things that inspires me in this field.

By the way, this is my newest post on, please hype me! :)

Thinking you'll come back here to the place were we'd meet

Here are the outtakes:
Special thanks to my friend Ricca Javier for the shots. :)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Barbara Zanella's Glamour Secrets

My lookbook interview is all about a glamorous and preppy lady from Brazil, Barbara Zanella.
"I think the person need a lot of talent, dedication and study." -Barbara

1. Describe your styles in three words.
"Glamourous, Indie, Rock & Roll."

2. What makes you get into the world of fashion?

3. Who/what are your inspirations in fashion?
"Vivenne Westwood, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Jum Nakao, Susie Bubble, Face Hunter, We Heart It."

4. What stores do you most likely to go to?
"Well, we have some local stores here in Brazil that looks like Zara. But for be honest I love all the stores... I just can't think about some store that I hate."

5. What do you think it takes to be an "icon" of fashion?
"I think the person need a lot of talent, dedication and study."

Here are some lookbook pictures from Barbara. Enjoy!

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The Tumblr Bug

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you my tumblr... The Tumblr Bug! Hooray!
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