Thursday, May 26, 2011

My top 5 favorite bands

I am an avid fan of music and I can probably say that it is my remedy in some mental "catastrophe" I encounter. Music soothes my mind and soul as well. Most of the songs I choose are from bands that are really deserving to be on my hotlist in my phone. I am into music that will enable me to "rape the replay button" when I hear it.

In the limelight, let me share you my Top 5 favorite bands of all time (International and Local):

1. Make.Your.Momma.Proud (MYMP)

Aside from having a big crush on Juris Fernandez, MYMP makes me feel so serene. Their music makes my soul cleanse. MYMP's musics are mostly remake and acoustic but very well done.

2. Vertical Horizon

This damn cool band always makes my day a superb! From listening to Best I ever had down to Everything you want; I can relate to these songs. The vocalist's voice is just so unsophisticated, very natural.

3. Switchfoot

Let me sing first my favorite song from Switchfoot... I'm learning to breathe.. I'm learning to crawl... I'm finding that you, and you alone can break my fall!! la la la la! Alright, sorry. :) Seriously, I am obsessed with this band though I don't have any of their album because of lack of budget from the authority ;). Switchfoot's songs are extremely influential when calming one's mood. So bad I wasn't able to watch their concert here in the Philippines. They also have a Filipino member! Pride!

4. Maroon 5

She wiiiiilll be loved!! She wiiilll be lo ha ha ha hove!! Seriously though, who would hate this band?! Professional members, great music. Need I say more? Hear them sing and let them rock yo!!!

5. Southborder

Kahiiiitt kailan, di kita ha ha ha iiwan! Kahit kailan, kahit kailahahan ha ha ha han... (FAIL me. TROLOLOL) This Filipino band really moved me a lot. Many times in many instances. Enough said. Ang sarap pakinggan ng mga music nila lalo if Duncan is on the floor. Superb!

Among these, here are other bands that I also love to have on my phone:

The Fray




Owl City (is this a band or a solo performer? i'm naive.-_-)

The Script



The Corrs

Linkin Park!!

Of course from the oldies...

Earth Wind and Fire

Bee Gees


Air Supply!!!

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