Friday, May 20, 2011

Reasons why I dumped my friendster account and started facebook-ing

Joining social networking sites is one of the reasons why we are having more of the good relationships and connection to people we know. Here we can make new friends and maybe (and inevitable) we also encounter enemies. One of these sites I had was Friendster.

I became a member of Friendster since I was first year high school and I can say that it enlightened my perspective on networking sites. I enjoyed lots of features on friendster from the profile layout down to who viewed your profile section. It was also a great experience receiving testimonials from your friends. But as time pass by, I noticed that friendster's features are still incomplete for me and maybe my cognition has risen up in a point that I need a more "matured" (did I hit the right term?) site to fulfill my "teenager" perspective, so I decided to seek for new networking site that would suit my needs (really).

Here are the features I enjoy the most on Friendster:

  1. Profile Themes
  2. Who viewed your profile section (but now, It's dangerous. lol.)
  3. Background music while viewing one's profile.
  4. And that's all!
Boring for a 17-year old guy like me. Baaaah.

Year 2009 when my brother first introduced me to Facebook by recommending me to play mafia wars. So I made my account on FB and started to play it and widen my inquiry about the content and features of facebook and I found out that it was the best and the most exciting social networking site I've ever seen. It has comprehensive content that will really make you leave friendster (Sarcasm it is. lol.).

Things I found on Facebook that friendster don't have:

  1. Lots of exciting games!! Farmville, Friends for sale, Cafe World...
  2. Chat box
  3. Less posers.
  4. Not boring.
  5. Instant notifications
  6. News feed. I can easily see my friends' statuses.
  7. Relationship status. Woah!
  8. Ability to upload videos
  9. Fan Pages
  10. The "Like" button
  11. The instant comment box
  12. Ability to tag people on your status, videos and pictures
  13. More Convenient to use
  14. And a lot more that I can barely, rarely, hardly find on friendster (Am I that sarcastic?)
But I really hate spams ruining your wall and chatbox. (-_-)

But then again, I am glad that I have been part of friendster since it will be reformatted in the next few months or so. I wonder if your moderator has facebook account. You're a history and legend my friend Friendster! Thank you and so long! *wave*


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