Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 months gone

After almost 20 minutes of travel via cebupacific plane, I am here again in Manila, thanks for the good weather. Classes will start on Monday and I am still not 100% ready to be sophomore, no ballpen and yellow paper yet. -__-

And also by that, after 2 months of spending delightful and nutritious summer vacation in Mindoro, I am now again jailed here in my little room. Lots of changes happened: burst of dusts and dirts. *sneeze*

(Left image) This is my electric fan. I left it 50% clean (okay, you got me. -__-) Now see how messy it is. 

After 10 minutes... tan tan tananaan!!!
This is my sando I sacrificed for the sake of my electric fan. Bye!
 My personal hygiene stuffs + medicines for emergencies
 I don't usually use "lux" as my "official" bath soap (naahh, actually any soap will do) so don't scratch your head. It just so happened that my brother gave my mom 2 boxes (6 pcs of soap each) of this soap from Riyadh. So to lessen expenses, I beg some of those. baaahh!
 My very first copy of Garage Mag! RIP AJ perez. :/
 Believe it or not, these stuffs are dirty for almost 2 months. Need to go to the laundry shop. ;)
 Natural disinfectant for my bed: Sunlight!
 Messy room!

Okay, so I'm almost there! *still cleaning*...
See you then! :)


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