Thursday, June 2, 2011

A day in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

A day in San Jose from emman sualog on Vimeo.

Thursday shenanigans! Since I only have 7 days left (because I'll be in Manila on the 10th of June) to enjoy the fresh air of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro I decided to spend
the day in the town proper of San Jose and take video  and pictures of the new face of our small town. :]

We should spend the vacation to its fullest!!! Hell days are coming! :|

I don't know what's this statue but I think it's more of a statue of freedom. You can see this in the entrance of the Plaza.
Howdy! Glimar and JF standing in front of a large flag attached in the so called "events tree". Since independence day is coming, they put the Philippine flag on it. "Events tree" because local government in our town always put stuffs on it related to the current occasion or event or holiday.
This is the newly renovated Municipal Hall of San Jose. So glamorous! It's like Jose Rizal University if you would remove the sign "San Jose Municipal Hall". Really. :]
The varying colors of lights in the foodcourt (former playground) of the Plaza.
Turn up the lights! This is the plaza at night.
Glimar sitting at the stairs of one of the  beautiful spots in the Plaza, the "munting hardin" (small garden)

These are different views of the newly renovated Municipal Hall of San Jose:

The statue of Rizal in front of the Municipal hall.

This statue represents the Mangyan tribe this was built during the centennial celebration of our town. :]

The new police station beside the municipal hall. Great architectural design right? :]
The Rizal St. at night
Obviously, it's Jollibee. :]
Hapseng grocery store in Rizal St.

Like Wilcon Builders Supply! :]

Aside from these infrastructures that will make San Jose a City in the near future, it is the "fresh air" that I will really miss a lot in San Jose. In Manila, it's like 5% chance that you can inhale fresh air and 95% chance of inhaling different air pollutions. aaarrggh!


Anonymous said...

hey, i have a question. im interested in visiting occidental mindoro but i dont know where to start. was hoping to check out the waves for surfing.. hope you can recommend any places like resorts and the like where i can find overnight accommodations, if you dont mind.

barb from manila

kristofferanything said...

Hey Barb, thanks for reading my blog post. As for surfing activity, I actually don't know where is the best surfing spot in Mindoro but I recommend you to go to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. You can go there via Airplane I think (check Cebu Pacific) or Via a ro-ro in Batangas Port. There are lots of hotels there waiting for tourist like you. :)

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