Monday, June 20, 2011

A happy camper's principles

When to say all are enough to satisfy your happiness? How to defy hindrances to reach happiness? We'll basically disclose some points with a happy camper's principles.
A happy camper has a various and wide range of cognizance. Some may come from the aspect of relationship with the ones who deserves your companionship or it may come from what you physically have (as to tangible things) that suits your satisfaction. Hindrances are inevitable and are always present, but we should always know how to convert ruinous matters into something more conducive.

Well, probably, the above mind orientations are all factual to us. It is mind satisfactions that makes us snug as a bug in a rug.

We know that we are happy when we feel such contentment in our lives. Some become happy because of their accomplishments. While some think that happiness can be gained through touching others' lives.

For me, I can say that I am happy and contented when I can use all the resources that I have the way it should be even if it is a small deal for others. I can be happy with a 50 peso bill because I can buy a nutritious meal while for others this isn't enough to have an enormous meal. I can be happy with a Nokia 1208 because I can conveniently use it as a communication device while for others it is not because they aim for higher specs and wider coverage of features of a phone.

In other limelight, we can all be happy if we can convert nothing to something. We can be happy if we done conducive things without pushing other people away. We are happy when we achieve some of our goals. We can be happy if we don't ruin other lives and if we respect them. We can be happy for the good relationships we have and give importance to it. Remember that people are our assets.

Reflections on contentment:

Why do you think some other poor families are still happy staying together? Simple, they make their tight relationship as resource of living. They can still smile even though they lack financial resources because they are rich in love and compassion. Look at the perspective I'm disclosing, they can still live without lots of vices for the reason that every single centavo they have, they can use it pertinent to their needs. They don't waste even small scale of resources they have thus making it a huge one.

On the contrary, there are these families that complain and fight because of shares in money. One party is not contented with a specific amount given to them. One person will rebel to his/her parents just to but him/her a PSP-3000. While some choose to study in a prestigious institution disregarding the quality of education just to show others how glamour it is to be entered in such one.

While others are ignoring small things for such purposes, others are so much in need of it.

See it for now, standards of living has progressed and increased already, but the standard of happiness should not. We should still be happy even though we have less vices that we usually want to have instantly. Be patient and wait for the right time.


To be a happy camper is to make life positive at all matters.

1. It is not about how many times you fall down on a race, it is about how are you going to finish the race with a heart full of contentment.

2. Never ever fear what will happens next. Don't be a coward. Take every chance and drop every fear as they said. 

3. Everything happens for a reason, seek it!

4. Always smile.

5. Be optimistic and think outside the box.

6. Make significant things easier by your own hands.

7. Take every piece of happenings of your life as part of growing. Learn from it.

8. Huge things originate from small scales.

9. Trust and believe yourself.

10. Take and get guidance from elderly and well-experienced people you closely know.

By these, I'm sure, you'll be happy and satisfied. You'll be contended and have no reason to complain anymore. Go on! Live your life the way it should be, be a happy camper! :)


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