Sunday, June 19, 2011

The law of the garbage truck

This afternoon, I was able to visit National Bookstore and found this interesting book displayed near the entrance area. Honestly, I am not a bookworm (but secretly I want to be an author of a book someday. there you are, not a secret anymore. O.o)

This costs Php599 if I'm not mistaken, and since I'm out of budget yet, I wasn't able to get one. But probably will grab a copy very soon and read what's on it.

I find this awesome, though I haven't read it yet, because I reviewed how did the author came up with this kind of piece and what are the scopes of this book and I found out that from his own experience in New York, he learned some points in life that he didn't knew before and so turning it to words.

I was surfing the facebook page of "The law of the garbage truck" and saw this shared by the author itself. This line was from the taxi driver he met in New York.

Other limelight of the book was:
So the odds are against you when a Garbage Truck comes your way. But when you follow The Law of the Garbage Truck™, you take back control of your life. You make room for the good by letting go of the bad.
The best leaders know that they have to be ready for their next meeting. The best sales people know that they have to be ready for their next client. And the best parents know that they have to be ready to greet their children with hugs and kisses, no matter how many garbage trucks they might have faced that day. All of us know that we have to be fully present, and at our best for the people we care about.
The bottom line is that successful people do not let Garbage Trucks take over their lives.
What about you? What would happen in your life, starting today, if you let more garbage trucks pass you by?
Here's my bet: You'll be happier.
Copyright 2004 - 2010 David J. Pollay
Sounds awesome right? I'm craving for this one, hoping and wishing to have it very very soon. :)
All credits goes to David J. Pollay of The law of the garbage truck.


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