Monday, July 18, 2011

Rizal Park at its best

Rizal Monument
Rizal Park or known as Luneta park is a relaxing place perfect for every family. Located at the heart of Manila along Taft Avenue and at the other side, the Roxas Boulevard. It was built around 18th century as tribute to Dr. Jose Rizal who bravely showed his love to the Philippines.

Despite of elite malls built all around Metro Manila, people are still capable of visiting parks that are enormous and rich in culture like the Rizal Park. The renovated Rizal Park has enticed more people than it usually have before. From the Relief Map to the Rizal Monument near Quirino Grandstand.
Bridge at Relief Map

You won't be bored strolling around Luneta Park since it has lots of historical marks and places which are built to show how history affected the Philippines at the present time. It is best for people who seek for fresh oasis and relaxation. Picnic, playing around, kites, anything that will be a remedy for stress will do.

Before getting into the main park, Lapu-Lapu's monument is seen which is located near the Department of Tourism. It is a given to the Philippines from Korea as a gift for being a part of Korean War during 1950's.
Lapu-Lapu Monument

Chinese Garden
The Chinese garden is also a part of the Park's beautiful spots. It is a garden imbued with different chinese ornaments that makes it as if you are really in China. There are also Pagodas and Gazebos situated inside the garden as part of Chinese culture. At the park also, lots of vendors (Rizal Park Vendors Livelihood Project, Inc.) sell different products (Ice cream, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, etc.) for the people around and for the tourists as well. There are photographers roaming around to offer photography service to people who wants to capture moments with their loved ones.
Ice cream vendor near Quirino Grandstand

The park has improved its appearance by adding stuffs relating arts and culture that proved that the park is not left behind. It is really a world-class place that the world should know and a place where Philippine history can be reminisced. In fact, the place where Rizal was executed is also set in there. By paying Php5.00, you can tour around the exact place where Rizal was shot.
The Philippine flag
One of the lights in the park
Kite above the scorching sun
Carabao monument at Quirino Grandstand
Naruto character being played for entertainment

The engraved Mi Ultimo Adios (My last farewell) of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

The colorful and world class dancing fountain at night
Rizal park has indeed showed that culture and arts are not left behind because it has been part of our history as well as our lives. The Rizal park is a true world-class site that deserves to be known all over the world, at its best!


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