Friday, May 18, 2012

Ready for the rainy season

Seems like it was only yesterday when summer is up. Now, trees are filled with new leaves and become even more greener because of rain. That's why I decided to buy clothes and other stuffs to get me ready on the wet season. See, you gotta start loving thrift shops already because if you lack budget for second-hand but fine-looking clothes, thrift shops are the ones you can lean on to. :)

Meet my new babies. I got them from thrift shop for only Php40/each. I'm starting to love sweatshirts because they are the coolest piece of clothes for rainy season.

You see, they are still in a well condition. :)


Terence said...

Very interesting, awesome and lovely photos.

Jobell said...

June is a rainy season... I'm prepared since its the opening of class .. :D

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