Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I'm living again, awake and alive..."

"I'm living again, awake and alive..."

Staying Happy all day? Well that's what I'm talking about in my new look in lookbook.nu! I am a happy person indeed and hope you all do the same... <3

-Emman.. Stay Happy! xOxO :)


Learning to breathe by my favorite Switchfoot.. From the movie, "A walk to remember"..


Jacket: Ego Jeans
Shirt: Solo
Shorts: Bass
Boat Shoes: Swatch

What's happening to me, I keep stuttering...

"What's happening to me, I keep stuttering" --- this new post of mine in lookbook is one of my favorites, it makes me more passionate on grey clothings.

My inspiration in this look:

"Stuttering" by Mario...

What I'm wearing:

Jacket: Pike
Polo: Somewhere in Divisoria (and I love it)
Shorts: Bazaar
Shoes: Plimsolls from Advan


Thank you! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I stand as a youth...


Hello there! seems like December is nearly coming so we need to prioritize giving gifts to those who are less fortunate (right?). So this look I made was inspired by student leaders who fight for our right in education (yes I am an independent activist). This was shot after the mobility to Mendiola to protest higher education budget.

What I'm wearing:

Jacket: Ego Jeans
Jeans: Denimlab Penshoppe
Shirt: MyxMo Shirt
Lace up: Bench

Fashion turned Passion

Many times I've tried to inquire fashion as representation of my character, and they are efficient to show up who I am. Swagger. I'm a Little bit boastful but a Humble and a man with kind heart to anyone who deserves it.

Since October 9, 2010 I've been using lookbook as part of my weekly routine; collecting hypes from others and showing up my look of the day or somewhat. But not only hype nor fame is what I am expecting for in lookbook.nu, it is my character I am showcasing to the public. Lookbook is a great opportunity for those who are very passionate with fashion; the site provide suitable and conducive features that allows its members to surf allover it with great set of mind in fashion, (see www.lookbook.nu).

How did I discovered Lookbook and when did I started to like it?

Since I was on High School, I was a fan of fashion, I've been an inquisitive person regarding the way people at showbiz prepare themselves before showing up in the people. The Social Network facebook was the gateway for me to the world of fashion consciousness when I saw one of my crushes, Ann Li, posting her lookbook site so people can check it out, so I rushed and click on the link and saw everything about lookbook. It was a "WOAH!" moment that time, I saw posts that are kindred with my passion: fashion, art and music. Everywhere you go in that site is all worthy to look at.

As a matter of fact...

I have already posted some of my looks on the site lookbook. Since I am a newbie, I will start from small scales to bigger ones. There are lots of people on lookbook that barely inspires me, like Yannick K., Dennis R. and Adam G. These men made me more passionate on fashion world, showing up hot styles with unique stuffs at their posts and etc.

So now I am introducing you my lookbook.nu profile that shows how fashion affects my everyday living. Hope you enjoy it through my blog, thank youuuuuu! :)