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Aim! Shoot!

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You don't know how lovely you are

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The MadToter: Jerome Centeno

For a Fashion Blogger like Jerome Centeno from Florence, in fashion "It takes only being yourself and having confidence on what you put on." Let's see how this guy showcases his classy and cool style in public.
"Where what you want, be yourself and if they say something good or bad continue your walk because streets is our catwalk stage." -Jerome
1. Describe your styles in three words:
"Preppy - Unplanned - Vintage"

2. What makes you get into the world of fashion?
"I think it was during high school, everyone were dressed well
and I was the only one dressed like a loser. Then I started to searched online for style and advice and then after a year I found"

3. Who/what are your inspirations in fashion?
"I almost get my inspiration from everything, from food to people.
But so far i'm totally inspired by LittleFashionisto. He's my source of inspiration."

4. What stores do you most likely to go to?
"At H&M, Zara, Piazziaitalia, charity and thift shops."

5. What do you think it takes to be an "icon" of fashion?
"First, It takes only being yourself and having confident on what you put on. People will notice that if you have those 2 important elements. A Fashion Icon should also inspired people not only on showing his/her personal style but in teaching them how to find there own style."

6. What challenges do you think you'll face in this kind of passion of yours?
"Well, I go for the Criticism. Lot of people do that and I do best is to ignore them. As I always say: 'Where want you want, be yourself and if they say something good or bad continue your walk because streets is our catwalk stage.'"

Here are some of his pictures from

See him in his sites:


Simon Schmidt and his "Own way of Inspiration"

My second Lookbook Interview is from a young guy from Germany who is inspired by music, fashion and movies.
"I like to do it on my own way ! I am interested in fashion, but I am not good at all... I'm trying to find my individual style" - Simon
1. Describe your styles in three words:
"Creative - New - Different than other Boys"

2. What makes you get into the world of fashion?
I think it was, I searched Outfits like 2 years ago on LB. And then I said, Hey I want to do the same."

3. Who/what are your inspirations in fashion?
"It's about Music, Fashion and Movies. I really like Stockholm Streetstyle and I'm inspired by what People wear on the street. I try to mix it up with my own Style."

4. What stores do you most likely to go to?
"They are Zara, Secondhand Stores, Weekday, H&M."

5. What do you think it takes to be an "icon" of fashion?
"That's a really good Question. I think it's how they show us who they are, with Outifts. An icon of Fashion lives in a big city, walkes over streets by wearing awesome clothes, and somebody says : I want to look like her/him."

You can see him in these sites:

Tumblr Blogspot Lookbook

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The boy next door: David Guison

The magazine above is my favorite one because it really inspire me a lot. The Garage Magazine. I bought this when I went to Shangri-La accidentally last week and saw this on Powerbooks. I did not hesitate to grab one because I wanted to see some of my lookbook idols and since it’s my first time to read articles on it, I didn’t mind my allowance anymore. Now that I have it, I won’t stop to grab every issue it’ll release. I really like every fashion stuffs on it; street styles, creativity, DIY stuffs and many more! :)

Here, you'll see one of my favorite lookbookers and I swear you'll probably love him too. :)

David Guison.
Student/Model/Blogger from Manila.
A guy with the killer boots from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. I really like this guy because his sense in fashion is so cool. You’ll love him wearing V-neck shirt, taupe pants, jacket and most of all his boots. Aside from his cool stuffs, you would probably be amazed by his stunning hair style! You should visit his blog and find cool things there and you'll know how he rocks the world of fashion and art. He is one of the brand ambassadors of Forever21 Philippines, so Cool! And now, he is featured in the Garage Magazine wherein he is one of the 9 young achievers this year in the New Kids on the Block. (Go have a copy of it!)
Most people and most blogs on which he is featured call him as The boy next door!
Let me share some of his posts on in which he is one of the highest karma gainers.

Check out his lookbook profile and see what I'm talking about. :)
And also visit his blog HERE.
Thank you David for allowing me to feature you here in my newly built blog. :>

How Social Media affects academic learning

There are lots of opinions about how newly innovated social media affects academic learning. Some says it would be a "poison" for a student's cognition while some oppose and says that it would be more convenient using this kind of technology especially now at present wherein people interacts very quick.

Social Media is defined as a media for social interactions using highly-innovated tools and by the use of web-based and mobile technologies. Effects of social media in youth especially students are be
ing scrutinize by different departments of the government and being debated by most people nowadays. Well in fact, the primary and only purpose of Social Media is to provide accessible and convenient communication for us, but humans are very clever that we make social media's purpose into a more comprehensive one. Example of this comprehension is those businessmen who have made themselves more progressive with the help of different social networking sites; they used these networks to spread information about their business to their target markets and to have a wider number of clients relevant to their field.
(Image from:

Regarding the effects of Social Media we all know that most students possess greater learning skills and knowledge in academics, therefore we have to accept the fact that they aim and prefer using higher tools for social and academic learning through social medias. For students, like me, using social medias made our learning become easier, more secure, and more affordable. Like teleconferencing, which was originally made for the use of businesses around the globe, has now become an educational tool. E-books have now become more useful and more convenient for students to widen their knowledge without exerting lots of effort but not making plagiarism because the copyright is still intact in there. While social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have even been used by teachers and students themselves to personally contact their peers anytime they want. Site called "Youtube" also provides online uploaded videos that can be used in some projects and reports in schools. Lots of technologies make these possible and applicable.

These advantages contrary to the "poison" term of some on social medias gave us courage to trust this very kind of media making academic learning more progressive and much faster than usual things we do. And perhaps, building and using new technologies have different purpose in this world, and it doesn't mean destructing the natural ways or things we manually do. If we could make ourselves more open to social medias, we could probably come up with a significant and helpful system to make teaching and at the same time, learning, much easier for us. We should always remember that the uses of social media are limitless as long as we can deal with its primary purpose and justifying or making its disadvantages into advantages.