Saturday, December 3, 2011

The spectacle of the wondrous Baguio City

Baguio City has indeed created its strong reputation as a tourist spot that relaxes everyone especially those from the scorching Manila. Located north of Manila, this cool place was marked as the "summer capital" of the Philippines not only for the Filipino families but also for the tourists from other countries. What most people wants to this place is its cleanliness and of course its climate.
Landscape view of Baguio City
Baguio city can be reached by a 6-hour ride from Manila via bus. This city is famous for its climate because it is situated above the mountain of Cordilleras. Lining the highway going to the city proper, travelers are welcomed by the Pine trees swaying together because of the freezing wind present in the city. You can travel around the city via taxi or public jeepneys. There are lots of inns you can find in the city proper where you can stay at a lower price; you can avail it from 1, 800 up to 5, 000. With these prices, you can enjoy the perks of the wonderful Baguio City. A trip to Baguio city is also not complete without trying the best out of their restaurants. Many restaurants, bars and cafes are built in there where you can experience different cuisines served and specialized by the people of Baguio City.

Sweets for sale as "pasalubong"
If you're up for an early morning jog with an outstanding refreshing view, Teacher's camp is a perfect place for your needs. It is one of the best places to see the spectacular city of Baguio. You can also buy some pasalubong downtown in the public market. You can either choose from keychains up to the specialties of Baguio, the strawberries and the popular "sundot kulangot" which is made from calamay. Don't get me wrong, but Baguio is also known as the "Ukay-ukay" capital of the Philippines where you can enjoy and buy affordable 2nd hand but well-conditioned and beautiful clothes.

Boats for rent in Burnham park
Off to the city of Baguio can be found many beautifully structured parks to enjoy the view of the mountains of Baguio. If you choose to enjoy a boat ride for an affordable price, you can go to the Burnham park where you can row a boat, have a picnic with your family, ride a bike, watch football game, and even attend outdoor events. It is an ideal place to take photographs with your own cameras and if you don't have it, you can hire photographers roaming around the park.

Burnham park
If you want to see a clearer view of the wonders of Baguio, it is recommended to visit the famous Mines View Park which is one of the city's main attractions. This regenerating park is already outstanding  to look at with the diverse number of Pine trees and other greenery, horseback riding, the Mansion and the popular stone-covered stairways near the parking area. There, you can rent a binocular for you to add the excitement to see the mountains. Like in Burnham park, you can enjoy taking photos in there either using your own cameras or by hiring photographers wandering around.

These are just some of the wonders which I was able to discover during my 4-day visit in Baguio City. There are still destinations worth visiting in this place that made me surely come back again and stay longer!

Here are other photos that I took featuring the wonders of Baguio city.
Strawberry-flavored taho

University of the Cordilleras
I wish Manila has this too
A beautiful flower in Burnham park
The soccer field in Burnham park
Boats for rent for an affordable rate in Burnham park

Affordable keychains being sold in the Public market


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