Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simon Schmidt and his "Own way of Inspiration"

My second Lookbook Interview is from a young guy from Germany who is inspired by music, fashion and movies.
"I like to do it on my own way ! I am interested in fashion, but I am not good at all... I'm trying to find my individual style" - Simon
1. Describe your styles in three words:
"Creative - New - Different than other Boys"

2. What makes you get into the world of fashion?
I think it was, I searched Outfits like 2 years ago on LB. And then I said, Hey I want to do the same."

3. Who/what are your inspirations in fashion?
"It's about Music, Fashion and Movies. I really like Stockholm Streetstyle and I'm inspired by what People wear on the street. I try to mix it up with my own Style."

4. What stores do you most likely to go to?
"They are Zara, Secondhand Stores, Weekday, H&M."

5. What do you think it takes to be an "icon" of fashion?
"That's a really good Question. I think it's how they show us who they are, with Outifts. An icon of Fashion lives in a big city, walkes over streets by wearing awesome clothes, and somebody says : I want to look like her/him."

You can see him in these sites:

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